Bolzano – among shopping, history and culture

Bolzano – the capital of South Tyrol – is one of the destinations that can not miss on the wish list of all the tourists visiting our region. In this town situated at the confluence of rivers Adige, Isarco, and torrent Talvera, you can feel the particularity of South Tyrol, its being the bridge and the contact point between the Italian and German cultures. The feature making the atmosphere of this region vibrant and attractive for everyone who visits it, at any time of the year.

Shopping under the porticoes in Bolzano

The porticoes street in the medieval historic center of Bolzano is the most popular and distinctive shopping street of South Tyrol. For hundreds of years, these ancient arches have been home for various stores and workshops. It is here that nowadays, some of the most interesting boutiques and showcases of the town are located. If you are a shopping lover, then do not miss the opportunity to take a walk in this peaceful central street. It will also be a perfect way to admire the unmistakable South Tyrolean architecture.

Bolzano and its museums

If you want to interchange shopping with more cultural activities, Bolzano offers a wide choice of museums where to get lost in the discovery of new interesting and curious things. You can start by visiting the Civic Museum, that through its  collections will tell you the history of the town in all its shades and particularities. And if after this visit you are not satisfied yet, pop over to the documentation center of the Victory Monument in order to take a dip in Bolzano between the two world wars.

At this point, you are ready for a thrilling visit to the archaeological museum where Oetzi, the oldest mummy in Europe, is preserved, as well as to Museion, an exciting museum of contemporary art, sited on the bank of torrent Talvera.

And to stimulate the curiosity of children, you have to conclude your cultural tour in the halls of the Natural History Museum that will teach you all about the ecosystem of our mountains.


It is really very easy to reach Bolzano from Hotel Weingarten. Just get out of the parking lot, turn right and go ahead for about 15 km by following the signs. Easier than this…

You have never visited Bolzano?