Merano – not only thermal baths and wonderful flowers

The tourist vocation of Merano – small but enchanting town of Burggrafenamt – dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. It is during this period that the town became a famous center of treatments and recreation for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Along the central porticoes street or on the promenade along river Passer, or else in the surroundings of Kursaal, in the sanatorium in Secession style by architect Ohmann, such celebrities as Kafka, Gittfried Benn and the lovely Empress Sissi, have lingered.

All caught by the mild climate and the mixture of art, history, and natural beauties, that reigns in this pretty but lofty town of South Tyrol.

The thermal baths of Merano

Built on the bank of the Passer river, right opposite the building of Kursaal, the thermal baths of Merano are one of the most popular attractions of the town. Onto its 7650 sqm, there are 25 swimming pools and saunas of all kinds.

A gear that makes this historical complex (existing since 1836 and being part of the history of the town) one of the most complete, loved and attended spa facilities in South Tyrol.

The gardens of castle Trauttmansdorff

While climbing from Merano towards the town of Tirol, you can not help but see, on your left, the gardens of castle Tauttmansdorff and the adjoining Touriseum. The first contains 12 hectares of the citizen botanical orchard that hosts plants from all over the world, in addition to the reproductions of the most famous South Tyrolean landscapes. The second, instead, houses the local museum of tourism, that narrates the tourist vocation of South Tyrol.


It is very easy to get to Merano from Hotel Weingarten. Just leave the parking lot, turn right and follow the road up to the junction with the MeBo. Take the highway towards Merano and in less than 25 minutes you will arrive.

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