Name Sellaronda refers to a road and ski course winding around the Sella massif – a Dolomite group straddling the valleys of Fassa, Badia, Livinallongo and Gardena. The four valleys are all linked together by four Alpine passes – Sella, Pordoi, Campolongo and Gardena. This is why the Sellaronda is also known as the “Tour of four passes”.

Around the Sellaronda and on its slopes, numerous cycling itineraries, excursions, and ski lifts take their beginnings, making this resort popular both in summer and in winter. The most remarkable feature of the entire area is the possibility of going through the whole route, clockwise or counter-clockwise, without having to leave the course.

This circumstance is particularly appreciated by skiers who can go around the Sella Ronda without ever taking off their skis. And it takes only two hours.

In summer, instead, the ring around the Sella massif reveals itself as a not very challenging trail that requires 5 to 8 hours to be hiked over completely. While its 55 km of route are besieged by the most enthusiastic cyclists that on these ascents can retrace the accomplishments of the champions of the Tour of Italy that has taken place here several times.

Besides, during the summer, on the first Sunday of July, the cycling “Marathon of the Dolomites” is held here. While since 2006, the “Sellaronda Bike Day” occurs – it’s an amateur event and not competitive, during which the “Tour of the four passes” is totally reserved for the pedal lovers.

The fastest way to reach the Sellaronda from Hotel Weingarten is to cross Bolzano and take state road 12 up to Barbiano. Once you are here, you just have to turn right, crossing the whole Gardena Valley until you reach the Sella Pass – one of the four mountain passes of the Sellaronda.

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