A day trip to Trento, discovering the council city

Given its position, projected towards the Lowlands, Trento is quickly and easily reachable from Hotel Weingarten. For this reason, a trip to Trento is an excellent idea if you have never visited this historic and cultural city.

Situated along the course of River Adige, this city is encircled to the east by the hills through which you can get to the Valsugana, and to the west – by a rocky plateau 560 meters high, connected to the city by a cableway.

The old town and castle Buonconsiglio

The importance that the city has had in the course of history is reflected in the beauty of its historical center.  Trento in the past was not only the seat of the Prince Bishop who governed these lands in the name of the Pope, but it also housed the namesake Council that was appointed to meet the thesis of the Lutheran Reformation.

For this reason, the city is rich in extraordinary sacred architecture. Churches and bell towers dot the scene, and the Cathedral’s profile is the most admirable example of this kind of architecture.

Do not miss the Buonconsiglio Castle – the best preserved example of the medieval past of the city. Placed a short distance from the city walls, the castle soars upwards with its bulk, dominating the city. Inside of it, there are some frescoes that over the centuries have preserved intact its unique beauty.

The Albere and the MUSE

If you like strong contrasts, after having beed immersed in the splendor of the medieval and council Trento, you absolutely have to be captured by the hyper contemporary architecture of the Albere new district.

It is here that, among glass walls and cutting-edge design solutions, the MUSE stands – the museum of natural sciences and the city’s pride. In this museum, along an interactive and exciting exhibition path, you’ll get to know the secrets of nature and evolution of this unique territory.


It’s very easy to reach Trento from Hotel Weingarten. Just drive towards Ora and here take highway A22. If, instead, you prefer a more relaxing trip, you can follow the Wine Route and get to Trento by passing through Mezzocorona.

You have never visited Trento?