Sailing on Lake Caldaro

The first sightings of sailing boats on the waters of Lake Caldaro date back to the 30’s, but it was only after the Second World War that this activity became widespread on the main mirror of water of South Tyrol.

The credit for this passion belongs to a group of keen sailors who called themselves “Lagrein Piraten”, as a tribute to one of the most famous wines in South Tyrol. By restoring old boats and building new ones, in a short time, they gave birth to their small fleet.

It was to give new impetus to this activity that, on November 27, 1947, they founded the Lake Caldaro Sailing Association, the number of members of which increased over the 50’s.

The association is still active and, it is owing to its efforts that periodically, on Lake Caldaro, regattas of various categories get organized. In fact, the ideal and constant ventilation over this stretch of water makes it perfect both for training and competitions.

It is no coincidence that some excellent sailors have made their first steps on the emerald waters of Lake Caldaro.

Windsurfing on Lake Caldaro

In recent years, on the lake shore and on its waters, other types of sails have appeared. They are those triangular of windsurfing that pull up alongside the traditional sailing boats.

It did not take long for the fans of this acrobatic sport to realize the favorable conditions that Lake Caldaro offers to those practicing and loving windsurfing. That is how this stretch of water has quickly entered the hearts and itineraries of the most avid surfers.