Erste Neue winery – the history of wine in Caldaro

Erste Neue – translated into English, the name of this winery would sound more or less like “first new”. A curious name owed to a very peculiar history of this popular wine producer of this area.

Erste Neue, in fact, was the first winery in Caldaro, founded over a hundred years ago, in the early ‘900. In reality, it was the fusion between two ancient wineries – Erste, that is the first, and Neue, that is new. That is how the odd name was formed.

In addition to the temporary one, Erste Neue can also boast of another remarkable record. It is , indeed, the first winery that has given birth to a quality line.

Classic, cru and puntay – the three lines of great wines

Nowadays, the lines produced by the Erste Neue winery are three – the classic line, the cru line, and the puntay one.

The first line interprets the traditional character of the vines of this area. It includes fine wines enhanced with fruity aromas, created to give a complex experience made of elegance and freshness, to the advanced consumer.

The cru line, instead, is characterized by its charm and personality. Rurity and strong flavor are the distinguishing features of these wines that get their strong and vigorous aromas thanks to the typicity of soils and the particular micro-climates.

Finally, the puntay line is represented by excellence. An excellence that comes from the perfect symbiosis between the strong fluctuating temperatures of the mountain climate and the variegated mineral abundance of terrain. A mix that guarantees an unparalleled structure of these wines, without sacrificing the variety of aromas. The exciting wines.

Visiting the winery

The Erste Neue winery organizes tastings and guided tours for groups of between eight and ten people. The visits are held twice a week – on Wednesdays at 17.00 and on Fridays at 10.00. The cost of entrance is of € 10,00 per one hour and a half.

It is very easy to reach the winery departing from the hotel. Just follow the road towards Caldaro paying attention to the road signs. You can also reach it by foot, with a short walk.

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