Kaltern winery

Officially, the Kaltern winery was founded in 1992, but its birthday should date much more time back. Namely, to 1902 – 1908, when the Baurenkellerei cellar (Cellar of Peasants) and the Jubiläumskellerei  cellar (Cellar of Jubilee) were founded. It is from the fusion of these two cellars that the Kaltern winery was formed.

The entity with over 400 members is deeply rooted in the most innovative and advanced experiences of cooperation between winemakers. This means that the winery can count on a total of 300 hectares of planted area, giving birth to pure and crystalline wines, of the mineral structure and essential charm.

Ambassador of the best local wines produced in three different lines, the Kaltern winery is at the forefront for the preservation of the aromas and flavors of wines produced near Lake Caldaro, that has always been a heritage of the local viticulture.

Thus, it offers moments of discovery, tasting and sharing to all tourists and people willing to discover the small treasures of taste offered by the region.

The Kaltern winery is situated in Via delle Cantine 12. It is easily reachable by car from the hotel, by going in the direction of Caldaro.

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